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***UPDATE*** This retrofit structured wiring installation has been working with no problems since it was designed and installed in 2006, and most of the concepts are still valid today. However due to advances in technology some of the plans should be changed to accommodate the latest technological developments. Please review THIS UPDATE (CLICK HERE) before proceeding with any new plans for a home structured wiring project.

The xsvtoys "RETRO" Structured Wiring Story - CONCLUSION

Conclusions and Using the System

Despite the fact that I knew nothing about structured wiring when I started out to build this system, after everything was installed everything is working as anticipated, and there are not any significant changes that I would make if I were to do it again.

floor plan

This system currently is used for the following:

Plans for future additional uses, changes, and expansions (stay tuned here for updates):

Photo Gallery

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rewire supplies
phone connections
structured media center
attic wires
Supplies purchased Cat5e cable connections for 3 phone lines Structured media center - early phase installation. Attic view of structured media center wiring connections. Now all cat5e pass through the far tube and all RG6 coax passes through the near tube, with the middle tubes capped for future expansion.
wall plate
retro brackets
structured media center
Wall plate - Living Room, 4 Cat5e and 2 RG6 jacks. Surround speaker wall plate is next to it. A look at pulled wiring before wall plate is installed. The excess is trimmed if necessary and them put back up into the wall. Easy to install "retro" wall brackets. These go in the wall cutouts and have "ears" that turn behind the wall to clamp in place. Cheap and easy. Structured Media Center V1.0
structured media center
lighting patch cords  
Structured Media Center V1.0, labeled. Lighting for structured media center with a flexible neck lamp. Probably an LED lamp would be better as this type puts out a lot of heat. Keep a supply of patchcords and other accessories next to the structured media center.  


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