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The xsvtoys "RETRO" Structured Wiring Story - UPDATES

Continual Improvement Process - Version 1.1

This structured wiring system proved itself as originally installed for more than one year. After working with the system and doing more research during this time, some improvements were put into place. These changes didn't really change the overall functionality of the system, but did make things easier to manage.

The updated drawings show the new version 1.1 xsvtoys structured wiring system. The changes that were made:

structured media center wiring diagram wiring diagram network diagram
Photo SMC V1.1
Wiring diagram V1.1
Wiring diagram with patches V1.1
Network diagram v 1.1


Continual Improvement Process - Version 1.2

SMC Wiring diagram Wiring diagram Network diagram
Photo SMC V1.2
Wiring diagram V1.2
Wiring diagram with patches V1.2
Network diagram v 1.2


Continual Improvement Process - Version 2.0 (2013)

SMC Wiring diagram Network diagram
Photo SMC V2.0
Wiring diagram V2.0
Network diagram V2.0


Continual Improvement Process - Version 3.0 (2014)

SMC Wiring diagram Network diagram
Photo SMC V3.0
Wiring diagram V3.0
Network diagram V3.0


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